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Weight Loss That Finally Works!

Bizzy Body’s 1st in Asia DNA Test for Weight Loss will reveal the true needs of your body and customize the right weight loss program for you!

  • No more trials - let a simple DNA test customize the right weight loss program for your body
  • Lose 3 times more kg than with regular weight loss program
  • Includes everything you need for a healthy weight loss

Register for a FREE DNA Test today!

DNA testing in 4 steps

DNA testing with Bizzy Body is easy, painless and secure!

  • No blood, just a buccal swab with our DNA collection kit
  • Get your DNA testing results in 5-10 weeks
  • Your privacy is guaranteed (read our privacy policy here)
Step 1
Order your DNA Test Online
Step 2
Take your Saliva Sample
Step 3
Send for DNA Lab Analysis
Step 4
Lose Weight 3 Times Faster

Who will benefit from the DNA Test?

Q1. Have you tried many popular weight loss diets without much success?

Popular diets are based on a presumption that ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL. That is NOT true.

Q2. Have you tried to exercise but could not see much result?

That could be due to your body’s inability to respond to physical activities.

Q3. Are you a small eater but still gain weight faster than the rest?

Your weight gain depends on your DNA’s ability/inability to store, burn and absorb fat.

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you might have the fat genes!

Would you like to know the permanent way to lose the excess weight?

The Bizzy Body DNA Test for Weight Loss is a story about your body’s specific needs.

Why is DNA testing so successful for weight loss?

The study on the Stanford University in USA has shown that it is extremely important for successful weight loss to know the right amounts and ratios of macronutrients in your daily nutritional intake.

Therefore, knowing how many carbohydrates, proteins, saturated fats and unsaturated fats you should eat daily plays the most important role in your weight loss management plan. No more mistrials with popular and one-size-fits-all weight loss diets!

How will the DNA Report look like?

Results of the DNA test for Weight Loss come in a handy and fully personalized booklet. With the help of Bizzy Body’s DNA Test for Weight Loss, our professionally trained slimming consultants will provide nutrition and physical activity recommendations that will help you lose weight effectively and facilitate the long-term maintenance of your desired body weight without the yo-yo effect.

1) Analysis and interpretation of genes that significantly affect your weight loss success.

Get to know your true heritage.

DNASlim Test analyses genes that are variously associated with the need for nutrients and their metabolism, and consequently affect your weight. These are the genes that affect:

  • Food Digestion
  • Responsiveness to Exercise
  • Fat Storage
  • Fat Absorption
  • Fat Burning
  • Weight Regain Potential

2) Action plan that will allow you to use the given genetic profile to your advantage.

Personalized diet program tailored to your DNA.

Within the scope of your DNASlim Test, after we have completed the genetic analysis, our experts will be available to provide advice and support to help you take your first step towards a healthy and quality lifestyle and successful weight loss.

3) What type of exercise will help to lose weight faster?

Your DNA diet analyses and interprets these genes, so you will know exactly what kind of physical activity suits you best.

Your personalized DNA Slim for Weight Loss report comes with results recommendation to lose weight. We even took it a step further: we will customize your weight loss program for you!

Happy Customers of DNA Test for Weight Loss:

Martin Lee
Age: 27 years old
Before: 100kg
After: 69kg
Lost 31kg in 12 months
From XXXL to M
DNA Mutations:
1) Unable to burn fat effectively
2) Store fat easily

“With the help from the DNA Test results and Bizzy Body’s DNA Slimming Specialist, I have lost 31kg without starving myself at all. All my weight loss efforts failed before I got my DNA tested because I don’t know how my body reacts. I do now, thanks to Bizzy Body’s DNA Test for Weight Loss.”

Jessica Au
Age: 35 years old
Before: 67kg
After: 53kg
Lost 15kg in 12 months
From XL to XS
DNA Mutations:
1) Absorb fat easily
2) Regain weight easily

“I am a small eater but my weight still fluctuates no matter how much I control my food. Thanks to Bizzy Body, I finally know my DNA mutations and the ways to reduce and control my weight now.”

Nor Azrin
Age: 44 years old
Before: 90kg
After: 70kg
Lost 20kg in 12 months
From XXXL to M
DNA Mutations:
1) Unable to digest carbohydrates effectively
2) Resistant to Exercise

“I was sceptical about the DNA Test for Weight Loss at first but after seeing my weight dropped on the scale, my cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure readings improved in my medical report, I’m so convinced about Bizzy Body’s DNA for Weight Loss Method now!”

Be Part of Our Success Stories, Register for a FREE DNA Test now!